STAND UP FOR SOMETHING or fall for anything.Three Faces of True Tom Gildred lawsuit quid pro quo
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TOM GILDRED Quid Pro Quads in An Immigrant Marital Affair Gone Bad

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Life's irony makes us think if you are a woman you are a victim and if you are well-off everyone wants to extort your money.
The truth is the well off likes being seduced or they would give all they have to the poor.
iceCream is seductive more than masochistic sexual tantrums.

They first made a false criminal report to the police saying they fear that he (the lover) would come looking for them. When that didn't work, through phone calls text and random messaged they sort to persuade him that Carolina's was attack as a retaliation of tom's jealousy, she even got to as far as suggesting her husband was caught cheating on her with allegedly her young daughter.
 Once Tom and Carolina was convince they'd got her x-lover hooked. She (the wife) Concocted a scheme to ask her x-husband. A New York Psychiatrist to review one of her lover's infamous letters as a form of innocuous diagnosis - describing the man as a mad man with a dangerous case of EROTAMANIA.
 She then circulated that letter to all of his friends and anyone whom her husband thought to have heard about the love affair. That didn't work.

But after a sudden letter showed up purported to have been from her lover??? 
By its content she and tom was convince Surely the man have gone absolute bananas when in that letter he purported to have said admitted that "He Did Not Have Sex" (with that woman). See that they'd already dogged themselves in so deep already with a number of false police reports Tom and wife Carolina Gildred hire Seth Rafkin to launch what is now an Ongoing Saga in the New York Supreme Court. A case of IIED and Defamation the they had the guts to take all the way to New York City. She even rendered a cause of action 

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      About True Tom Gildred  San Diego CA.
by: Artist For Justice  San Diego


What is being called the 'Quid Pro Status Quad' or 'Do Me A Favor' (Or Else)., in a series of libelous claims filed in Courts across America from San Diego CA to New York City against individuals who are suspected of being undocumented and have presented themselves to be a disconcerted threat to an Employer, Sponsor, American Born Spouse, Resident Neighbor, Landlord, Coworkers or even an x-Lover are now raising eye-brows on a new wave of crimes against Non-US-citizens. 
The 'Quid Pro Status Quo' is the means by a US Citizen in threatening to used state, local and federal courts to launch civil litigation with intent to persuade or force response to acts elusive to bribery, various acts of extortion i.e.: In NY, a legal threat to bring a lawsuit alleging ownership over 'A Cell Phone Number'. Some lawsuits are patterned and designed as 'Witness Tampering' tools to persuade immigrant employees and individuals in Landlord/Tenant disputes to drop their cases.

An immigrant or undocumented resident is quicker to obtain the benefits from free health care, stand a better chance at acquittal by forming a defense in a federal criminal charge than they will in defending themselves against frivolous libelous lawsuits. 
'CODE LEGAL' is now the rhetoric’s used so it is impossible to issue a counter lawsuit because in most case scenarios immigrants cannot afford a defense and some have been noted to have been forced into 'Self Deportation'. 
To use 'CODE LEGAL' all you need is a willing attorney who's willing to join with you in deceiving the public. The civil litigation proceedings are about forms and protocols, therefore making it very easy for an attorney filing a frivolous lawsuit to inoculate themselves and at no time be subject to disbarment or any retroactive repercussions. CASE IN POINT: GILDRED V FOSTER 153554/2017 in one instance of constructive embarrassment tactics used by an American Citizen in order to force pressurized, induce & even influence an act of suicide upon an individual.

In a lawsuit of convenience: Of April 17, 2016 what lay ahead included 3+ years of evidence construction with intent to harass. The evidence then morphed into efforts to induce incriminatory acts on an individual. What evidently were circumstantial innocuous intentions, turned out to be ongoing incognito behavioral patterns, which became fluid and highly pressurized efforts to incriminate, by the use of sometimes in your face innocuous friendly harassment tactics, induce criminal intent and if possible even pushed an unsuspecting x-lover to Gildred's Wife into a state of suicidal mania?
In what had begun as a frivolous benign lawsuit: A San Diego Couple's bizarre lawsuit against an individual in New York City earned itself some unexpected attention from the New York Press. The individual was thought to have been undocumented. But once the lawsuit was filed, it began to confront itself and the purpose of logic begun to out-weigh and defy any form of prudence in whether or not any of its claims make any sense whatsoever.

Can Thompson's preemptive IIED & Defamation Claims turn out to be in Fact a Hoax? Can truth be he’d indeed rushed, went too far in an alleged Medical Cover-up between himself, of Mexican born wife Carolina Gildred, a family psychiatrist & an overzealous Carlsbad Attorney?
We leave our readers with the Pro's & with the Con's:

The Pro's: 
1. A litigation of fault (Otherwise) determined to indulge an incident of infatuation at best.
2. A litigation of innuendo (In It) to determine a simple rather be left alone family dispute.
3. A Litigation of convenience (Pro Quad) that wasn't intended to be caught on far less anticipated simultaneous news reporting by the New York Press.

The Con's:
1. The process of Matter vs Law is taken to a stretch by testing at length even the Civil litigation and justice system of the Southern District and The New York State Supreme Court. Presently Res: Senior Administrative Judge Her Honorable Kaplan (Chan).
2. An anti-Trial-able offense exclusive to a Trial-able Counter-Defense in a litigation too late, too little was done to cut its nonsensical breach and insults to the judiciary system. 
3. What is 'ProSe Civil Litigation' on trial makes it belief that whether an individual was thought to be undocumented or not, that individual's right to an affirmative defense is generally hinge on the individual’s ability to fund a defense. Because it appears that to assert Prudence over form isn't as fundamental as use to be in the civil judicial system. In fact it appears questionable that prudence could still assert itself over any arm of factual ligation through letters and forms? 
If then exist the later? Have Prudence lost its place in America's civilian courts?
Then, anyone, any-person who can deem themselves more financially capable, can insulate a lawsuit against any other for their simple lacking in those formalities that's perceived in a defendant who cannot punctuate expediencies formidable enough in order to launch any form of defense. Therefore the Law of expediency in our justice system which have always been the core structure of formidable prudence, stands to be defeated (removed) from its path to (supersede) questionable forms (formality) simple because the lesser fortunate defendant (An Immigrant) could not sustain financial access to support a well needed counter-defense in any civil (let alone) frivolous civil litigation.

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Rancho Santa Fe's Gildred are the authors of their own misfortune (San Diego)
Pitbull hands and puppy face tells a tale of mystery in parodyMichael Foster Tango new york new yorkGildred_san diego _ news_posting 

An attorney without the Facts bears down on the word To the Law.

The result is Abuse of legal practice a conversion of mass harassments . When the facts are not on your side - You use the Law Tables to manipulate the system to whatever level of abusive strategy it takes

Michael Foster Online

Is a Dance Instructor and Professional Dancer in the business of dance entrepreneurship

A man, an individual and a person

An international Network Business Conversion Engineer since 1992. A Business Conversion specialist Directing and Connecting Business Professionals and individuals in various economies.

The Final Straw

When hateful presuppositions takes eminence there is that derivative likely to accumulate some cause. Some cause to cease and call it off. When that relentless pursuit is clear that its not worth it after all - is when that pursuit is stop inadvertently with the TRUTH and there would be now a cost attached.

A Respectable Gentleman

With High Moral Standards

Not the person to disrupt the honest upkeep of genuine families. Michael Foster conducted a personal relationship with Mss. Carolina Gildred in what was (is) considered to have been an extra-Marital Sexual affair, which to his belief included the honest emotional and heartfelt exchanged between himself and Mss. Carolina Gildred. That relationship have come to an end. It have come to an end because over the course of a few months leading up to and after September 2016.

Mr. and Mss. Gildred developed a plan

A Plan of Constructive IIED and Defamation

To which ends, by means to protect the Gildred Family Name, Its businesses and Mr. Tom Gildred's self-concluded "Famed Name" which he is currently attempting to trademark.

Mr. Tom Gildred Thinks of himself a "SERVICE"

He thinks he's a "van Gogh" so his name needs to be trademarked.

Manuel Orlando Garcia MD

A botch psychiatric crook who's disgrace includes sexual predatory acts upon a psychiatric patient at his home and his office some how kept his license after both a fine and 5 years probation. Was Carolina Gildred that patient?

Why Tory Gildred Doesn't believe Tom is right

Tory Gildred often cautioned against going the wrong way

Not a good idea to Marry Ms Hernandez and not a good idea to pursue an x-lover. Suck it up! It would pass.

Carolina Gildred and Michael Foster formed Online

Free an effort to reach out to all kids. The kids of our heart, the kids in our hearts and the kids who were lost in the hearts of so many who've became adults too soon.Online Split to pieces by greed, fear and agony of paranoia.

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To bolster an idealist approach to conceive a news pay-per report across east cost to west cost

In an effort to bilk the invincible rhetoric of inconceivability in strife, fear, self incrimination and borderline sure-some fall of virtue. To disrupt with intent one man's integrity vs. another man's soul of shame, disgust and embarrassment. For a price ill-conceived better or more valuable than time when time needs no pay-per report, false police reports or some malpracticing disgrace x-husbands psychiatric ill-favored report.

Why Emerald Textiles Websites Truce or Dare

The instant was form was to established prudence of virtue. A man felt threatened by another man and God Know what to expect from a man who feels betrayed, cheated and have money at his disposal. The only thing that's left it to take the war-head to him or face the inevitability of nonentity.
No man of prudence wants to be shot behind the back. He'd prefer gun blasts face in to face. Chances are. He could missed. Tom Gildred have missed right on. Now we all can perhaps live freely.

Why websites Truce or Dare

More dare than truce. Key word "info" is fist weapon of defense on any man with an un-determinable character. I've met the man. A man that chows on his gums is never worth waiting to see him toothless. Know your enemy by his every data footprint. and so he clicks like a maniac.

Why did Carolina Gildred registered many other web urls to Michael Foster's name

To stay one step ahead in her hopes to keep him hooked on disbelief so much that he could have committed suicide. She won't give a dam.